10YUP: Waar sta jij over 10 jaar?

10YUP stories

What we learned during the first year of 10 Years Up

Would you rather like to reduce stress, finish your education or get your driver’s license? How do you ensure that you achieve your set goals? Do you tend to reward yourself when you get closer to your goal, or do you prefer to look for new opportunities to achieve it?

Read on if you’re curious how adolescents between 16 and 25 set their goals, what strategies they use to achieve them and how this influences their (mental) health and well-being! The 10 Years Up study tries to find answers to all these questions. Here, you can find out what the 10 Years Up study is about, and what the first year of research has taught us about adolescent’s goals, self-regulation strategies and well-being: Results from the first year (for professionals).